Producing animated graphs from R without having to learn any other software

Robert Grant

Senior Research Fellow, St George's, University of London & Kingston University

Where I want to be

  • I have seen some cool graphs made into videos like Hans Rosling's "200 Countries"
  • ...and I thought "I want to do that!"
  • Hans Rosling

    Where I am

    Stop frame animation

    Even impossible things can happen

    Making it look realistic is quite hard

    Stop frame animation

    The basic code

    Example 1: line chart fills in time series

    Screenshot of code

    Example 1: line chart fills in time series

    Example 2: line chart scrolls with longer time series

    Example 3: scatterplot with interpolated data

    Phantom data

    Example 4: interpolated scatterplot with trails

    Example 5: interpolated scatterplot with ripples

    Hans revisited

    3-D (not really)

    Use or abuse?

  • Material on the website is expanding
  • It will be launched properly in January
  • I'd love to hear of any novel ideas for animated graphs
  • Hoping to run training courses in the future
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